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Watch the video on this page:… 
6th-Feb-2008 01:08 am
Watch the video on this page:


it would be really cool to make things like that.

Otherwise, first day of 8.04 consisted of "here's a bit of 3.091, and, oh yeah, we're using CGS! *everyone cheers*" Expected to rapidly become very difficult, but the first pset (due Friday, of course) is incredibly easy... on the order of "estimate to an order of magnitude how many atoms are in a pinhead. and a human. and the earth." I approximated a human as a cylinder... wonder if I could have gotten away with a sphere.

Somewhat annoyed at a professor - I will maybe rant about this more later. Basically a case of someone doing the marginally ethical not-telling-a-lie, but not-telling-all-involved-parties-all-relevant-facts. Result: I'm working with him to help run a class this semester instead of someone else, which I think is what he wanted. BUT, I told him several times that I was going to be quite hosed this semester, and no, really, if he could find someone else he should take them... turns out there was a friend of mine who was interested, but he kind of pushed her off to the side until he got me to agree to it. Where I only agreed because he seemed pretty desperate and assumed nobody else was interested. Gah. Did he think we wouldn't figure this out, or did this just not occur to him? I'm unclear about how to bring this up without either being rude, or sounding like an idiot. Anyway, annoyed and a bit frustrated about this.
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