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Well, shit. I seem to have this trend of thinking I'm close to… 
29th-May-2008 01:11 am
Well, shit.

I seem to have this trend of thinking I'm close to failing (or at least getting C's in) all of my classes, and then...


doing fine afterall.

Finally got the last of my grades back today; it figures that, during my most difficult semester so far, when I'm taking six classes (albeit one of them pass/fail), TA-ing another one, manage to finally elevate in APO, and am working at the music library the whole time...

is my best one so far. I got one B. In 8.04. Remember that quantum was the class I was thinking of dropping earlier in semester when I got a 45 on an exam that had an average of 70. And everything else was a mixture of A's and A-'s, which are effectively equivalent at MIT. Plus a "P" for pass.

But really. What the hell.

I'm not complaining; I just feel like this is something that has been happening to me ever since I was in middle school - I think that I'm doing worse in a class than I actually am. Honestly, I think I half do it just to stay motivated or else I really would fail - because I totally have bombed exams, and it's ridiculously easy to do.

Eh, regardless, it's really really nice that the term from hell is over. Six classes is really not a very good idea, even if you do do reasonably well.


Summer: I live in an awesome room in pika now, and will be living there next year as well. Working several jobs, including the fact that I need to become more familiar with working in linux (kchen, you're my hero for teaching me the little I do know) plus Matlab. The Matlab help function is the most amazing thing ever, by the way. Need to write some emails, write a few documents for the radio thing later. Also pick up some Johnny Cash at the music library - keep forgetting to, and being sad when I run into Michael later and realize I forgot because there were ridiculous amounts of shelving to do. Perhaps writing it down will help me remember.

Living at pika is awesome - dinner every night (real food! including awesome vegetarian options!), no loud neighbors or traffic on Mass Ave, and a front yard to play gardener in. (I have a whole pile of seed I still want to plant... but sooo much weeding and raking to do. Sunday's job... and maybe tomorrow afternoon for a little while)

Anyhow - work tomorrow! I should send that email and go to sleep.

Basically: I apparently don't know how to not be too busy. Still, it's kind of fun :-D.

Oh, and a few days ago I put a Mac sticker on my Eee PC. Just to confuse people ;-).
29th-May-2008 12:39 pm (UTC)
do help why...its kinda funny. :-)

and good job. im realllyyyy jealous.
29th-May-2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
sounds like you're doing awesome and you're having a great summer. glad pika roxors!
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